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 Lunging issues.

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Posts : 17
Join date : 2010-09-16
Age : 25
Location : Muswellbrook

PostSubject: Lunging issues.   Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:39 am

I have a gelding who wont lunge.
Ive tried everything i can think of - But use a round yard as i dont have one.
You ask him to go out and he will but as soon as you ask for forward movement he'll turn into the circle and come trotting towards me or just rear and be a deadset pig.

Its not just me he does it to either ( i thought this may be the problem) but i had a few other people try it and he does the same thing.
Ive tried everything i know re lunging and even mum has tried all she knows (shes been there done it all in the big horse world) but he still is a pig.

Ive taught my other gelding to lunge using the same methods and he does it perfectly, what am i doing wrong.?
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Posts : 261
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Age : 30
Location : Wilberforce NSW

PostSubject: Re: Lunging issues.   Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:10 am

Well first off,my colt was the same,he would turn his ass to me as a way to avoid me,and was just generally being naughty.

First thing,no matter if he comes into you or acts up is consistency,every day and eventually what your asking will click.

Then I took him and a whip and beat the living day lights out of no I am kidding Razz

Ok so you get your lunge lead,or even a lead at this stage and a whip.
Then you circle him around your body,hold him about an inch or two from the clip,you might have to pull him around but make him do it,while doing it get the whip and tap his bum lightly,or crack it behind him to get some foreward momentum.

Keep practicing untill he is happy to walk or trot around you without the need to pull him along,then let the lead out a bit longer,and keep doing the same thing.

Like I said...every day is needed for them to get it,and eventually he will be lunging at the end of the lunge lead....thats what I have done for all of mine and they lunge great now.
But only teach one side at a point forcing the issue on both sides till he fully understands one side.

Or if he starts lunging then just turns into you,you need to drive him away with your body.
By this I mean sort of "lunging" foreward towards him....hmmm best way to expain it is to take a big step foreward while pushing your arms towards him,so you have your arms at your side and lift them up infront of ou towards him.

I find this drives my horses back,sometimes more force is needed in the step and the arms and other times all I need to do is take a small step and they know I mean business.

Also horses rely alot on body language, if my horses are leaning in on the circle,I flick the whip towards their tummy and they go back out,if you want ahorse to move foreward,you drive it from behind,if you want the to move their bum over you would flick the whip behind their flanks.

If you want a horse to slow down,you relax your body,arms by your sides and sorta slink down a bit,if you want them to go faster stand up can do alot with horses with body language alone.
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Posts : 1
Join date : 2010-09-29

PostSubject: Re: Lunging issues.   Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:11 am

You could always use two lunge reins. Clip on either side of the halter (or bridle if mouthed), like reins. Use the inside lead as your normal lead, and use the outside lead to pull him back out and also move him forward behind the rump.

Start driving him forward, with you standing behind him. Once you get him walking away from you, then you can turn into the centre and continue to push him forward with the bum rein.

This will take some time, you will probably need to drive him for a couple of days first so he knows what it is you are after, then you can start to do it on the lunge. Even if you can only get him to walk for a couple of sessions, this will come quickly after he gets the idea.

Hope that makes sense.

Good luck.
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Valued User
Valued User

Posts : 163
Join date : 2010-02-16
Location : Upper Hunter

PostSubject: Re: Lunging issues.   Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:05 am

What type of halter are you using?? If it's a web halter then maybe he is being confused as the halter doesn't let enough communication get through...they are usually to loose and provide comfort, this is usually why the come back to you as they are confused. Switch to a rope halter and you will be amazed at the difference right away.

Aliasmel is right you need to start with him in real close, which may make you dizzy so just go slow. Don't even think about having him go out until he runs around you freely up close and then just go slowly. It make take a couple of lunging sessions before you are able to let him out. Small sessions are the key, a horse doesn't want to run around in circles for an hour at a time. Wink

Oh and I had a mare the refused to lunge no matter so while my husband held the line I ran behind her with a whip cracking it to keep her going...she eventually got it though! lol
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PostSubject: Re: Lunging issues.   

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Lunging issues.
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